Transcendent Is Here

Securing Suppliers
Produce Prototype Candles with Prototype Molds
Manufacturing Equipment Ordered
Production has begun and Launch day is Thanksgiving day, 2017!

We Have Arrived

You'll be able to buy directly from us Wholesale & Retail

As we await the arrival of our manufacturing equipment we are selling our prototype mold candles as “second quality” candles. Even as second quality, they are better than any other candles of their kind on the market now. We’ve finished configuring our website and our first sales will happen as of midnight the day of Thanksgiving. Our boxes have arrived and we now have ways to ship.

At Launch, our Wholesale & Retail customers are able to:

  • Buy inventory online
  • Be notified when your order is being picked
  • Receive notifications automatically when shipments leave
  • Be notified of new product availability and notification of backorder availability

At the moment we are working with freight and shipping providers to find our wholesale customers the best rates for orders large and small. Retail orders will be processed with USPS and UPS as options for our customers.

It is our goal to be your quality manufacturer of Figure Candles, 7-day candles, spiritual herbs, minerals, statues, soaps, oils and more! We know you’ll love our Hoodoo Cross Candles, 7 Knob Prayer Candles, Female Figural Candles, Male Figural Candles, Penis Candles, Skull candles for cursing and blessing, Love Tying candles, and more.

Our first core product line includes 12 colors of:

  • small cross candles, 5″ in height
  • Large cross candles, 7″ in height
  • 7 knob candles, 7″ in height
  • Male and Female Candles, 7″ in height

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