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Wholesale Figure Candles - Spiritual Candles in bulk

It is our goal to provide Metaphysical shops, Esoteric Stores, pagan storefronts and boutique online stores with quality Wholesale Figure Candles and other products they can rely on. Since we know how the end user will use these candles, we can better understand how to make wholesale female and male figural candles that arrive in perfect condition and burn how it is supposed to. Our goal is to offer superior quality Wholesale Figure Candles as the best candles available to spiritual workers, made in the United States and by those who understand and respect the spiritual traditions in which these products are used.

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What Matters Most

Let us be the key to easier processes, quality inventory and a staff that care about your needs. We promise to listen to your concerns and follow through.

Serving Small Shops

Our founders come from an experience that includes both online shops and brick-and-mortar stores, so we know what small shops need: An ability to order online, consistent inventory and consistent quality.