A Quality 7-day & Figural Candle Supplier for Your Spiritual Needs

Spell crafter, conjure doctor, Hoodoo practitioner, spirit worker... Whatever your title, your clients need you and you need quality products to serve them.

What Makes Us Different

We serve small business including Conjure shops, Botanicas, Pagan stores and other spiritual shops. Knowing your business is our business, anticipating your needs at every step!

We are
  • Spirit Workers.
  • Curanderos.
  • Root Doctors.
  • Priests.
  • Priestesses.
  • Espiritistas.
  • Initiates.
  • Devotees.
  • Acolytes.

In-Stock Promise

Since we are the manufacturer of wholesale spiritual and religious candles, there won’t be any long waits for our inventory to become available to you. We make our own candles with a focus on what spiritual shops need.

Quality Wholesale Products

Every spiritual practitioner knows quality products make a difference. Getting candles from outside the country often are disappointing in quality and expensive to import. Our wholesale spiritual products are made right here in the United States by people who understand your needs.

Easy Sales Process

Being left in the dark isn’t fun. Our store has an online ordering system for both retail customers and Wholesalers so you can complete a purchase order anytime. You’ll be updated at every step: from Order confirmation to packing and finally shipment! We promise communication.

Do you make and sell products to clients in the spiritual industry? Business such as Metaphysical supply shops, Pagan stores, Vodou stores and Botanicas all have things in common: the ritual use of candles and herbs. If you are a shop who is looking for a wholesale figure candle supplier or wholesale spiritual candle supplier, give us a try.

If you provide candle lighting services for clients and then interpret the burn of each candle, we’re certain that you’re also familiar with the pain related to wholesale candle companies who make and sell candles that won’t stay lit. Our goal is to produce inventory that is top quality, utilizing proper wicks, wax, and ingredients that provide you with candles that burn when properly blessed, dressed and lit.
At our Thanksgiving day 2017 launch, we are proud to offer:

  • Male Figure Candles
  • Female Figural Candles
  • Large Conjure Cross Candles
  • Small Conjure Cross Candles

Soon after launch we have planned:

  • Pyramid Figure Candles
  • Skull Candles
  • Cat Figure Candles
  • 9-inch Jumbo Candles
  • 6-inch Prayer Candles (also known as utility or plumbers candles)
  • Glass 7-day Vigil candles

All with a focus on quality!

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