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We serve small business including Conjure shops, Botanicas, Pagan stores and other spiritual shops. Knowing your business is our business, anticipating your needs at every step!

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Picking up an order: Please wait until you receive an email notification from us that your order is “Awaiting Pickup.” We generally request a 24-hour time allowance between when an order is placed and when it is picked up, however you may receive notification that your order is ready for pickup before that time.

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In-Stock Promise

With us, you won’t have to worry about waiting months for our inventory to become available. We make our own candles with a focus on what boutique stores need. Can your current candle supplier promise the same?


Every practicioner knows, quality products make a difference. Candles made in China often lack quality control. Our products are made right here in the United States by people who understand your needs.

Easy Sales Process

Broken processes aren’t fun. Our store has an online ordering system for Wholesalers so you can complete a purchase order anytime. You’ll be updated at every step: from Order confirmation to packing and finally shipment! Additionally, we promise to communicate always.