Launching Thanksgiving day, 2017

We are on our way.

Transcendent is here

In order to bring to the spiritual communities quality products with consistent stock, we first set out to build relationships with necessary suppliers to provide us with quality ingredients. Then, we met with manufacturers to produce our equipment suitable for our needs. At this point, we are happy to begin selling our prototype candles using our prototype molds while we await the arrival of our mass-production machines. Our Initial launch is currently scheduled for midnight, Thanksgiving Day, 2017!

We Sell
  • Vigil Candles.
  • Figural Candles.
  • 7 knob Candles.
  • Hoodoo Cross Candles.
  • Black / Red Reversing Candles.
  • Black / White Uncrossing Candles.
  • 7-day Candles.
  • Jumbo 9`` Candles.
  • 6`` Household Candles.

Suppliers Secured

The first step towards making quality male figural candles, female figure candles, 7 knob candles, Cross candles and becoming a 7-day candle supplier is getting quality ingredients. You may notice some spiritual candle suppliers make glass novena candles that, when lit, pool too much wax too quickly and drowns the wick, or they use wicks that are made too thin to allow the candle to burn the wax at an appropriate pace and not go out. We want to produce glass-encased candles that will burn and not go out with the addition of a small amount of dressing oils and candle dressing herbs on the top. This includes proper wicks. Presently, we have secured quality supplies for our needs and will continue with the next steps.

Equipment Achieved

Probably the most difficult step in Spiritual Candle Making is securing proper equipment. There are dozens of machine manufacturers and methods in which candles are made. For our purposes, we have chosen a manufacturer of machinery that provides us with the best value in a balance of quality and efficiency. This will allow to output the highest number of candles so that our inventory never goes dry and you always have purchasable quantities! What we’ve done so far:

  • Orderd and received our prototype molds
  • Ordered our official machinery based on improvements from the prototypes
  • We have begun making candles using our prototype molds to photograph.

Begin Production

We have our suppliers lined up, manufacturing equipment has been secured and should make it to us just before the Christmas Holiday. We will be selling candles prior to that by way of our prototype molds. These will be sold as ‘second quality’ but are for sure better than other candles on the market, by far. Our Web Developer has recently completed our website and boxes have arrived for shipments. Now that this is complete, we can begin production as we wait for our mass production machines, allowing us to produce up to 1,100 individual Figural Candles a day. Once sales are strong for those candles we hope to soon after be able to produce thousands of Glass 7-day candles daily along with our Jumbo 9 Inch candles and 6 inch prayer candles.

Email blasts are going out to newsletter subscribers and wholesale accounts can be setup online.

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