Shipping & Returns

Order Process

We provide a system that allows customers to keep informed at every step of our order process. 

We have the following statuses for our orders:

  • Pending (your order has yet to be picked up be filled)
  • Assembling order (order has been received and we are putting it together)
  • Supply Delay (an ingredient or item needed to create your order is being obtained)
  • Shipped (tracking and other shipment information will also be attached)
  • Pending Payment (awaiting receipt of payments due,)

Every time your order changes a status, you will receive an email with a status update.


We are currently working with shipping companies to provide the best price for shipping while providing adequate protection for your merchandise. 

Retail Order Shipments

As we begin rolling out our products we are utilizing USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days) for smaller shipments and UPS for larger shipments within the USA and its territories. Shipping prices may change as we work to adjust and optimize our system for shipping orders. All shipping prices are estimates and any case where charges for shipping vary by more than 10%, you may receive a request for additional shipping and handling where needed. 

Wholesale Shipments

For small wholesale orders we are utilizing USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days) and UPS. We are still working out our shipping details for LTL (less than load) shipments in order to provide our wholesale distributors with the best pricing. We would be happy to work with any shipper you may have an existing relationship with. Wholesale shipments require a wholesale account setup with us and an active resale license or reseller permit with the state it is registered in when we review it.

International Shipments

Hold tight. We are working on this for both retail and small wholesale purchases. As of now are not officially shipping outside of the USA and its territories for these transactions. Canada and Europe are planned. If you have a large wholesale order we will work with you for international shipments to the best of our ability.

Additional shipping terms

For domestic orders containing one single item, we may decide to ship your order via First Class for quick delivery from our warehouse. We ship within 2 business days for most orders, weekdays. If a situation arises where the collected shipping charges are not enough to cover Priority mail, we reserve the choice to instead ship First Class. This saves our customers the added cost and inconvenience of paying more postage. We also will request a delivery confirmation for your protection and signature for shipments of a high value. If you know that your location is not secure, or have had issues with your mail in the past, we require that you add notes to your order so that we can request the postal worker collect a signature rather than risk your package being intercepted. Packages left by mail carriers that are intercepted are not our responsibility and you must begin a claim with the courier. We will cooperate with any claims filed with the courier.  We will only ship to the shipping address you enter in our store, not to addresses entered in PayPal or any other payment service.


Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final and no returned merchandise is accepted unless express prior authorization has been given. All claims must be made within five (5) days from order delivery and photographic evidence may be requested and required. There is a 10% restocking fee on each order if a return is authorized unless an error occurred that is our fault. There are no refunds on shipping and handling charges except where we cancel an order that has prior authorization and has not shipped. We require parcels be opened immediately and inspected for damage and/or shortages within 48 hours of delivery. Once we pick up your order you will get an email with a status of ‘assembling order’ indicating that we are preparing it for shipment. If you request us to cancel your order and we have picked, packed and placed your order ready for shipment there is a 15% restocking fee for us to unpack, restock, void shipping and refund you (less 15%). There are no returns for special orders or candles made to order, no exception.