Why Transcendent?

Closer to the Community

We care about the spiritual traditions. Since one of our founders is part of these traditions we know what the spiritual communities need and we want to provide. From quality spiritual candles to eventually essential oils and herbs, we want to fill a void that has been left by bigger companies that ignored the traditions and sold products of dubious quality, and no spiritual background, with pure greed in mind. We show our solidarity and respect for these communities by understanding what is needed, and we strive in fulfilling this expectation. We know what the community needs because we are part of the community.

With Vision and Quality

Understanding that spiritual traditions are as varied and diverse as flowers on the wild, we strive to provide the baseline products for these cultures. From the flame of a candle to an essential oil, we understand what this means and why it is needed. Rituals of all backgrounds require real components and a clear imagery. Realising this we know that the products the community need must be of the truest quality, and with this, we strive to improve ourselves, for you.

Flexibility and Stock

Knowing that managing a botanica or metaphysical store is no the easiest of things to do, with hundreds of different types of products and labels, we want to make things easier for you by having what you need when you need it. At the beginning this will be candles, but as we expand we will cover more of the needs of the community, from herbs and oils to images and statues. From the small store to the big distributor, we tailor our store for both the wholesale to the retail. What you need and when you need is important to us. We want to be bigger to make life easier for you.