Who We Are

Transcendent Candles is your Quality Wholesaler for all of your Spiritual, Religious, Occult, New Age and esoteric product needs.

Small Pagan Stores

With a focus on 'mom and pop' spiritual shops, botanicas and alternative spirituality stores, Transcendent Candles is your purveyor of superior spiritual supplies. Our first mission in becoming the best provider of wholesale religious and spiritual candles was to evaluate the common complaints online shop owners and brick-and-mortar spirituality shops had about their current wholesale suppliers. We approached the problems through the eyes of a shop owner because one of our founders owned a shop many years before beginning a quest to provide the community with quality wholesale ritual candles and spiritual supply company.


AnimismWe are a company whose goals are simple: Consistent inventory and Consistent Quality with an understanding of the needs of the communities we serve. No matter what tradition, religious background or community you belong to, one thing always remains constant: a need for ritual candles. Be it novenas, figure candles or image candles, it's hard to find a spiritual tradition, path or religion that doesn't somehow use the light of a candle in some magical rite or as spiritual symbolism. On our journey to become a quality wholesale spiritual candle and supply company, we met with people from our own traditions and many others to ask them how we could serve them better than those serving the market currently. Overwhelmingly, quality of inventory was top of the list followed by an authenticity of products offered. Since our goal is to be the best, authenticity is paramount. How often have you looked at a spiritual product's label ingredients only to be disappointed by its contents? While there are many differences in paths, religions, and traditions a way in which almost all of them intersect is a belief or practice either entirely or in part on a basis of animism. 

AnimismAnimism is the oldest known type of belief system in the world that even predates Paganism. It is a belief that objects, minerals, plants and places possess a distinct spiritual essence. Furthermore, Animism regards all things-minerals, animals, rivers, human handiwork (amulets, mojos & Gris-gris)-to be animated and even alive. In order for it to be alive, the 'spirit medicine' must be present with an origin in nature. The identifiable favorite among almost all cultures, religions and tradition is the use of plant matter by way of essential oil. We feel it is important in our quest for authenticity to hold ourselves to these standards and promise that every product we sell will contain authentic ingredients wherever possible.

So next time you pick up a bottle of a spiritual oil and the ONLY ingredients are Duoprime 70 (mineral oil) and Fragrance, maybe ask the seller how they justify the absence of spirit medicine for them to be able to claim the oil's properties and indicated use.